Barbara Anderson is well-loved as an agent at First Team
Real Estate, where she demonstrates the same high standards that she applies in
her personal life, resulting in an award-winning career and over 40 happy years
of marriage.

Barbara grew up as one of seven children in a close knit,
Midwestern family. At only 22 years old, she bravely set out on her own from
Michigan to establish a new life in the Golden State. She had read an article
about Santa Monica, so that is where she went, looking forward to a warmer
climate, a coastal lifestyle and fresh opportunities in the California economy.

She began her career in the aerospace industry, where she
worked for Hughes Aircraft and McDonald Douglas. Barbara met her husband at
Hughes, and then took a hiatus from work to raise their three children. When
they were all settled in school, she went to work for a property management and
construction company. “That was my true introduction into the world of real
estate," Barbara says. “As the office manager, I oversaw everything relating to
property management. Then we went into construction, where I had the
opportunity to see things being built and coordinate activities on the job
sites. I learned so much there that I brought with me into my real estate

Barbara returned to the aerospace industry for a time,
working with a parts manufacturer. There, she became a contracts manager for
the repairs department, another experience that prepared her well for her
ultimate career in real estate. “I always knew I wanted to get back into real
estate, and with knowledge of contracts, negotiations, construction and
property management, it was a natural transition for me."

Barbara found her home with First Team in 2006. “I started
out with another company, but left to search for a company that had strong
ethics and a diverse training program. I found everything I was looking for at
First Team. We have great training, and I am part of such a warm office. I feel
very close to people here and know I’m working with others who share my values
and goals."

According to Barbara, her goals are very simple. “I’m really
a family person much more than I am a business person. My goal is to help
people find what they need and have a pleasant experience doing it. It’s never
about the money. It’s about holding them up, putting the client first and never
doing anything to jeopardize your integrity. It’s a plus that I actually get
paid to do what I do."

Barbara began her real estate career just as the market was
beginning its downturn. But the hard work required didn’t scare her away. “I
think I came in at a time when I could learn so much, and it has been extremely
helpful to me. I didn’t come in on the gravy train, and it has made me
stronger. I took classes on short sales and bank-owned properties and got
certified, because that’s what people needed. I persisted and learned a lot."

Her authentic,
Midwest values are evident in the way she treats everyone she encounters. “I
never short-change anyone on service, whether it is a mobile home or a high-end
property; everyone deserves the best I have to offer. No matter how big or
small the deal, I believe in treating everyone the same."

“I love people," she
continues. “Through the years, I’ve come to love so many of my clients. Most
are like extended family. The times we are out together looking at property and
talking and getting to know one another are just fun. That’s what real estate
is all about for me." Her flexible schedule allows Barbara to spend time with her
grandchildren, who are 3 years and 18 months old. “I watch them two days a
week, and my husband and I love spending time with them. Enjoying our
grandchildren together has opened up a whole new transition in our life. We
also have 2 grandchildren of nearly the same ages in New York, so we travel
there as often as we can. We are proud of all three of our wonderful children
who work in diverse careers and have happy lives."

According to Barbara, her 40-plus-year marriage is a success
because she and her husband “still share the same sense of humor. I think
that’s what keeps people together; that, along with commitment and sharing the
same values. That’s also what works in business. You have to raise the bar a
little bit on the standards you have for yourself, and hopefully you can make
life-long friends along the way."